With Love and Gratitude to Jeans best friend / by Patsy Kolesar


This is one of those stories that makes me believe that I am following the path meant for me. I spent the past Saturday with my friend Greg hunting through thrift stores and consignment stores searching for the perfect display piece to use for my display at the One of a Kind show. Every perfect piece we saw was way out of my budget. Later that evening I looked on craigslist and saw a posting for this display cabinet for a price i could afford. The posting was a few days old so I thought for sure it had been sold. I was delighted to hear back from Jean, a sweet Scottish woman in White Rock, who said it was still available. We drove out the next day to pick it up. It turned out that it had been owned by Jeans best friend who passed away two weeks ago. Jean told me that her friend who was also Scottish, was very spiritual and had a wicked sense of humor, two things that are very important to me in my life. She said that the cabinet comes with good karma. I love this little cabinet, it is beautiful and will be a perfect display piece for my jewelry. I also love how it ended up with me and where it came from.