Go Slow Life in Progress / by Patsy Kolesar


I spend a lot of time trying to slow down. My brain is always creating new things. New designs for jewelry, new ways to market myself, new projects to take on. It is fun, exciting, and always interesting. However, I know that I get some of my best ideas when I can convince my brain to slow down, to stop thinking of a thousand things and think of only one thing or even better nothing. In one of my busiest of busy days I was in one of my favourite stores in the Westend and found this notebook by Papaya Art that spoke to me, Go Slow Life in Progress. It has been my sketchbook and mantra ever since. I am pretty much in love with everything that Papaya Art creates. Rich colours, pretty delicate patterns, interesting and unusual colour and pattern combinations, and the odd profound statement thrown into the mix. They even do sweet little necklaces.