Love Story Contest Results Coming Very Soon.... / by Patsy Kolesar

Promises...promises. I was supposed to have posted the winning Love Story from my Love Story Necklace Contest by now. However, I am on Vancouver Island for a little mini break from my busy life in the big city. I am dividing my time between my parents place and my sister's beach cottage. My parents have a PC with a painfully slow internet connection, so even writing this "quick" blog post is making me want to poke my eyeballs out. My sister's cottage is perfect for typing away on my laptop, but I of course can't get an internet connection there. So, what I can tell you is that I have chosen two beautiful love stories - yes, that's right my decision making inability lead me to choose two, not one, winning love story. They both won my heart with very different love stories. Both of my brides-to-be have been notified and are excited and willing to be my muses for the next month or so while I create their Love Story Necklace's.

I will be posting their stories as soon as I can find somewhere in this quaint place that has wireless.......In the mean time I will be enjoying my time spent designing new jewelry and watching bald eagles swoop into the ocean.