My Unconventional Business Tips / by Patsy Kolesar

I have a one page Jewelry business plan for 2011.

This goes against everything that I learned in every business class I've ever taken. But i don't like business plans, They're like turtle necks to me - I see the usefulness, but i don't like the way they feel on my body.

My 2011 business plan is hand written on one page ripped out of my sketchbook. I've pinned it up on my bulletin board and it has 12 things on it.

I've researched the shit out of things in the past, I've written marketing plans, competitive analysis, SWOT's, financial plans....blah blah blah. I'm glad that I've done this, but the thought of opening up my plan on my computer and updating it makes me cringe. So for 2011, i decided to do things a little differently. I decided that 2011 is my year for no mucking around. I know what i want to do, now I need to do it. 12 far I've already started 4 of them...and things are rolling.

I haven't ended up with my deviant business planning ways overnight. Here's a little list of resources that I've found useful this far in my business:

The Women's Enterprise Society - I was a part of a peer mentoring group this time last year which was well worth it.

Tara Gentile - I've taken one of her e-courses and learned a lot.

Danielle LaPorte - I am loving my Fire Starter Sessions - which I won from a little contest Danielle offered. Yup, that's right I won.

Kerri Smith's Artist Survival Kit -Whenever i feel like I can't keep doing this Kerri Smith's hilarious Artist Survival Kit helps me to continue.

Alyson B Stanfield Art Biz Coach

Stayin' Alive: Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist