Eastside Culture Crawl Paper Bag Project / by Patsy Kolesar

I am honored to work with such a talented group of artists at The Onion Studio.  Last year for the Culture Crawl 5 of us participated in The Ring A Week Project.  This year 7 of us have participated in The Paper Bag Project - Recycling our Brown Paper Bags into Wearable Art.   There have been little bits of paper bags overtaking a corner of my apartment for the past couple of months now.  This has been a true challenge for me....figuring out how I can manipulate paper to fit with my twists and turns that I crave for my designs. In the past couple of weeks things have all come together.  

This is the time when we finally see each others work, exchanging photos for posters and press releases.  This is the time when I find myself catching my breath because I realize that I am a part of this amazing creative group that continually inspires me and keeps me pushing my creative boundaries.  This is the time when we sweep the polishing dust off of our studio floor and prepare to let you in. This is the time that we hope some of the creative spirit that happens behind our studio doors will also inspire you.


Eastside Culture Crawl,  November 16-18.  The Onion Studio 1103 Union Street.