Pretty Good Year / by Patsy Kolesar

The quote below was given to me by a friend who know's what a sensitive soul I am.  It has been resonating with me, swirling around in my heart, and given to others who have added energy to my life this past year.  

“Aliveness is energy.  It’s the juice, the vitality, and the passion that wakes up our cells every morning.  It’s what makes us want to dance.  It’s the energy that moves a relationship from the status quo to something grander and much more expansive, something that makes our hearts beat faster, our minds and our eyes open wider, than ever before.  Everything is of interest to a person who is truly alive, whether it’s a challenge, a loving moment, a bucket of grief, or a glimpse of beauty.” 

- Daphne Rose Kingma

Like most years it's been one filled with buckets of grief and glimpses of beauty.  I've been blessed to have had many moments of belly laughter with my bestest friends.  I've been blessed to have moments of flowing tears over the end of a relationship.  I've watched my amazing Dad survive a major heart attack and felt the immense fear, love, and gratefulness that comes along with that.  I've experienced creative communion and been part of teams who have added innovative and passionate energy to this world.   I've met some new inspiring people who've offered me fun light energy and I've reconnected with people from my past who've offered me soul-stirring energy.  

It's been a pretty good year.....I'm so grateful - Thank-you!  xo patsy