Planning For A Prosperous Creative Year / by Patsy Kolesar

I find at the beginning of the New Year I always feel unproductive.  

I want to give myself the time and space to sit and write and think but for some reason this makes me feel I need to get moving....I need to get on it......I need to DO.  Ending my day with a notebook filled with webs and words feels like I haven't done enough.  But, I know this time is so important to my soul, my art, and my business.  

This year I am using some methods that I've used in the past and I'm also incorporating some new things into my planning.  This is what it looks like:

1. Kudos - I sit, usually with coffee in front of my window and I write down all of things I've accomplished in the previous year both personally and professionally.  I love this practice.  There are so many moments when I feel like I haven't done enough.  When I actually sit and write down all of the things I have done in the past year I realize that I have done tons and that I need to give myself Kudos for this. 

2.  Vision Planning - For this I use a tool that I got when I took one of Alyson Stanfields classes.  I write out what I want in my life for the next year for my art, my finances, my personal and professional relationships, my health, my spirituality, my personal growth, my pleasure, and my contribution to the world.  This is actually a tool that I use on a regular basis.  I spend time working on it a few times each year and I look at it regularly.  I have taken a number of classes from Alyson over the last few years and I would recommend all that she has to offer.  You can find out more about her classes here.  

3.  My Core Desired Feelings - I started choosing feeling words and posting them to my wall after reading Danielle LaPorte's Fire Starter Sessions a number of years ago.  This year Danielle has launched "The Desire Map", which I love.  I have had the same core desired feelings for the past few years and this year I'm really spending some time reevaluating them and making some changes.  The print version of The Desire Map is beautiful and I've been fully immersed in it for the last few days.   I know a book is speaking to me when it is filled with dog ears, stars and underlines.   There was even a part of it that gave me chills:

"A stranger in a bar taught me about crippling depression.  "When I was standing upright, the distance between the floor and me felt too far," she told me.  "So I decided it was better if I just crawled around the house.  I was glad we had carpeting." A the time we met she was a high-functioning, radiant woman.  I've recalled her story in my own dark nights.  Radiance will happen again, radiance will happen again."                                                              Danielle Laporte, The Desire Map, p. 71

I love "Radiance will happen again"  a simple phrase that I can see being most useful in those dark moments.  

I would love to hear what other people use to plan during this month of renewal.  Come talk to me via twitter @patsykaykolesar  via instagram @patsykaykolesardesign  or via facebook @pkkdesign 

hmmm, why don't I use the same handle for everything?  ;) maybe I should give that some thought as well!