Jewelry Line Rebranding / by Patsy Kolesar

Since January I have been in the process of rebranding. I've been running my jewelry business for 10 years now and I felt it was time for a refresh. I'm not quite ready to launch the new website, but I thought I would share my inspiration for the new branding and a bit about the process. 

I wanted the new branding to feel more modern, unique, light, and artistic. We used these beautiful images to guide us with the new look. 

I wanted to keep the colour palette fairly neutral, using black and white with pops of copper, red, and gold tones. I met with a branding and marketing expert who helped me to flush out my full plan and I talked to my my mastermind group and did some branding exercises on my own. Like anything with running a jewelry business, it's taken much longer that I thought it would, but we're almost there and will be sharing more details soon.