The Collaborative Habit / by Patsy Kolesar

In the past few years of my life I've been working a lot in collaboration with other artists.  I've had some amazing experiences and some challenging experiences.  I've been doing it so often that it lead me to read the book "The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons For Working Together" by Twyla Tharp.   For those who don't know her, Twyla Tharp is an amazing and very successful dancer and choreographer.  

I took away some nuggets of gold from this book and I thought I would share them:

"Collaborators aren't born, They're made. Or to be more precise, built, a day at a time, through practice, through attention, through discipline, through passion and commitment - and, most of all, through habit." 

"A clearly stated and consciously shared purpose is the foundation of great collaborations."

"Only those who go too far know how far they can go."

"A powerful purpose makes daily annoyances smaller."

"Mutual respect makes blunt disagreement bearable." 

"A good collaborator is easier to find than a good friend.  But in the hierarchy of values, I find it hard to top a real friend.  If you've got a true friendship, you want to protect that. To work together is to risk it."

"In the end, all collaborations are love stories."  (This one of course is my favourite) 

All quotes from Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together.