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Jewelry Artists Collaboration with White Sparrow by Patsy Kolesar

For the past couple of months I have been working in collaboration with two other Vancouver jewelry artists Simone Richmond and Su Foster to create one of a kind jewelry for White Sparrow's Debi Wong to wear during their music concert on May 25th.  

Debi approached me back in February, saying she had this idea to invite local artists to create something that could add to her performance.  As the universe would have it at the same time I had just started meeting with Su and Simone to talk about how the three of us could do something together that highlighted art jewelry in Vancouver.  We decided that the three of us would make one of a kind jewelry for Debi to wear inspired by the theme of White Sparrows Mr Dowland's Midnight concert "In 16th century England, melancholy wasn't only a state-of-mind or an attitude that caused one to be morose and contemplative, it was an entire fashion statement.  It was fashionable to "dwell in darkness" and allow the philosophical questions of life and love to torture the soul.  Mister Dowland's Midnight guides the listener through the festive and flirtatious hours of the early eve, to the dark and lonely hour of midnight and invokes those seductive, sorrowful, and aching thoughts that only emerge between sunset and daybreak". Debi Wong  

Simone, Su, and I spent time listening to Mister Dowland's Midnight and looking at images, fabrics, clothing, and jewelry from the renaissance period.  The three of us all have rich pattern work in our individual jewelry lines.  My focus is on using contemporary silk screening techniques in enamel work, Simone's work uses a process of electro etching and embroidery with metal, and Su's focus in on the ancient technique of filagree.   We were all taken by the ornate details of this period.  We started sketching ideas..............

Flow my tears, fall from your spring exhiled forever, let me mourn where nights blackbird, her sad infamy sings there let me live forlorn.

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and fear, and grief, and pain, for my deserts are my hope, since hope is gone. 

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Hark, you shadows that in darkness dwell, learn to contemn light. Happy they that in hell feel not the worlds despite.

John Dowland, Flow My Tears. 

"Melancholy Necklace" copper, oxidized sterling silver, vitreous enamels, fine silver, freshwater pearls. 

"Melancholy Necklace" copper, oxidized sterling silver, vitreous enamels, fine silver, freshwater pearls. 

Statement of Purpose

Melancholy Necklace

The purpose of the jewellery collaboration between Patsy Kolesar, Su Foster & Simone Richmond is to capture the essence of the melancholy period of 16th century England. Using White Sparrow’s music from “Mister Dowland’s Midnight” performance as the main source of inspiration, their choice of colours, techniques and patterns are all thoughtfully chosen & married together to enhance the pensive theme through another creative medium.

All three jewellery artists work in Vancouver & participate in the Eastside Culture Crawl which happens annually every November. Su is a graduate of the Jewellery and Small Object Design program at Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, B.C, and Simone & Patsy both graduated from the Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art & Design Program.

All three artists share a common obsession with using intricate details in their jewellery work and wanted the challenge of melding their techniques into a collective piece.  Their intention of working in collaboration is to bring more awareness and introduce new audiences to the contemporary art jewellery scene in Vancouver.