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Supporting Small Independent Shops by Patsy Kolesar

We get to make choices this time of year about where to spend our money.  As a small independent business these choices are very important to me. Here are some of my favourite small independent shops in Vancouver where I will be spending my money this year:

Production Road:

This is brand spanking new.  They have only been open for a few months and lucky for me they are right around the corner from my home.  They carry a line called Darling Clementine from Norway who makes pretty patterned household items and stationary. They also make their own in house line of  products under the name Lemonni - patterned cards, calendars, and bags.  Hubert and Annie who own the shop are pretty delightful!  If you make it down here drop me a line first and I can meet you for a tea. 

Dilly Dally:

I will be shopping for my 3 & 5 year-old nephews here.  I used to work in the Qualicum Toy Shop when I was a teen, so I know a lot about toys.  I know enough to know that Dilly Dally has some good ones.  My nephews live in an ocean front mansion ( very similar to my life style ;) tehehe, not at all! )  So needless to say they have plenty. I like to find things for them that are not made from plastic and that they will play with for more than a second. Dilly Dally carries the most fantastic book called Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.  I recently bought Ish for my best friends little girl's birthday.  I fell in love with this story - the last page says "And he lived happily-ish ever after"  I LOVE it.  


Quite possibly the prettiest shop in Vancouver.  I know that's a bold statement and maybe I'm a little biased since they carry my jewelry line, but every time I go into Urbanity the pretty colours, patterns, and textures completely uplift me.  They carry beautiful clothes and accessories that are made in or very close to the country of source, by people who are paid fairly and enjoy what they do.  Some of my most worn and most favourite pieces of clothing have come from Urbanity.  My Pernilla Svenre grey merino wool cardigan lives on my body from October until about May.  My Maria Byman jacket and hat make me look forward to winter each year, they are warm, cosy and cool.  I recently got stopped walking on Robson street by a street style blogger and I'm pretty sure it was because I was wearing my Maria Byman jacket.  

I want to live in a city where small independent businesses thrive! 

I would love for you to support small businesses too!  Here are the amazing little shops that carry my jewelry line:

British Columbia

2412 Granville Street

Edgemont Village Jewellers
3102 Edgemont Blvd
North Vancouver

Salon D
166 Selby Street

120 Mackenzie Ave


Influx Jewellery Art Gallery
201-100 7th Avenue S.W


Mysteria Gallery
2706 13th Avenue


Distill Gallery
55 Mill Street #47
The Distillery District