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Hammer, Cut, Stitch, Repeat by Patsy Kolesar

art jewellery exhibition vancouver

Hammer, Cut, Stitch, Repeat - an exploration of repetition to achieve pattern and form in fine craft. With an emphasis on wearable art, Hammer, Cut, Stitch, Repeat will bring together artists working in metal, paper, and textile. Individually, each artist's practice has a focus on repeating one action over and over; something that would drive most people mad. For this group of artists, repetition becomes a vessel for creativity and it is within that place that they push themselves further to explore their craft.  Hammer, Cut, Stitch, Repeat will show the work of Rachael Ashe, Nell Burns, Su Foster, Patsy Kolesar, and Simone Richmond.  

Circle Craft Gallery, Net Loft, Granville Island

September 8 - October 10

Opening Soirée Thursday September 8th 6-8pm


Photos from It's All In The Details by Patsy Kolesar

I will slowly be sharing photos here from the exhibition of one-of-a-kind rings that we had in June at Visual Space Gallery.  The pieces made for the exhibition were just amazing!  

Visual Space Gallery Vancouver 

Visual Space Gallery Vancouver 

Ring made from thread by embroidery artist Nell Burns. 

Ring made from thread by embroidery artist Nell Burns. 

Wenge and Enamel Ring by Patsy Kolesar (me) ;) 

Wenge and Enamel Ring by Patsy Kolesar (me) ;) 

Some changes with our Jewellery Collaboration group by Patsy Kolesar

Sometimes things just need to change.  Well many times actually.  A while ago when I was trying to sort through the end of a relationship I read a book called "The Five Things We Cannot Change....and The Happiness We Find By Embracing Them", by David Richo.  One of those five things is that EVERYTHING changes.  Nothing ever just stays the same and by accepting this we are less shocked when things do change.  

At the beginning of Summer Su let us know that she wanted to leave our little collaboration group.  She's been busy taking business classes and engraving classes and wanted to free up more time to focus on these things.  In doing so she was also unable to finish the We Are Linked project that the three of us set out to do at the beginning of the year.  We were sad to see Su leave the group, but understood her decision.  The other big change that happened a few weeks before Su left the JAC was that we sort of gained a new member....Simone welcomed a beautiful baby girl into her life at the start of June.  Although we both think that baby Mela has some great jewellery making hands on her we realize it might take some time to train her ;) and Simone is taking some time off from the bench and the group to enjoy miss Mela.  

I spent some time thinking about what to do with the JAC and the We Are Linked Project and talked to Simone about it.  We both agreed that we LOVE what we have accomplished collectively in the past two years and we didn't want to give that up.  We also agreed that in light of all of the changes we thought it was best to let go of the We Are Linked Project for this year and when Simone and Mela were ready we would meet sometime in the fall and figure out a plan for the group moving forward.  This was a hard denison to make but really made the most sense for where we are at right now.  I sense some fantastic changes and great opportunities coming up for our group in the near future.  I will keep you posted! - patsy 


Beyond the Precious Exhibition by Patsy Kolesar

Our three one of a kind Medea Necklaces will be a part of this exciting exhibition happening in Port Moody, BC this month.  

Rule The World Exhibition Opening Photos by Patsy Kolesar

The Rule The World exhibition opened at Friends of Carlotta Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland on June 19th.  It looks like it was a pretty fun party and our Medea Necklace appears to be enjoying herself. :) 

art jewellery necklace
friends of carlotta exhibition
rule the world necklace
medea necklace
rule the world necklace
friends of carlotta gallery

All images from Friends of Carlotta Gallery.  

Medea Collection at Urbanity by Patsy Kolesar

medea necklace jewellery

To read more about the Medea Necklace please visit this page

Urbanity is located at 2412 Granville Street, Vancouver BC.  

Friends of Carlotta Gallery Zürich, Switzerland by Patsy Kolesar

I am excited to tell you that The Medea Necklace will be part of an amazing exhibition in the Friends of Carlotta Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland!  I really couldn't think of a more perfect exhibition for this necklace to be in and I am so proud of us (Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration) and so honoured to be working with such creative, and talented artists.  

Here is some information about the exhibition:

jewelry for the lived deficits

19 . June 2014 to September 5, 2014

Despite their simple-mindedness, despots are a very diverse little group. All they want is to be loved. Or rather, they want honest and real love. By force, if need be.

However, what do dictators, megalomaniacs, wannabes and the delusional adorn themselves with? What do they use to cast their personalities in a positive light? What do fat cats, tyrants and those destined for greater things use to demonstrate that the force is with them? Do the powerful own objects of power because they are powerful? Or are they powerful because they own objects with magic powers?

What's more: What do despots treat themselves to when they're in a foul mood? Which pieces of jewellery are there to share the hours of victory with them? What do they spoil their subjects with in order to make them more eager to subdue themselves? And how must I worship these despots so that they recognize my pure love and therefore their true value?

These and other questions on how to RULE THE WORLD will be the dictating subject of the next juried jewellery exhibition at Friends of Carlotta.

Welcome to a world of lived out deficiencies and psychopaths at their best.

Here is our Artists Statement for the exhibition:

The Medea Necklace Artist Statement

Simone RichmondSu Foster and Patsy Kay Kolesar

The story of Medea is beautiful and twisted.  Medea is a powerful woman who is scorned by the one she loves most.  She is so betrayed and hurt by the man she loves that all she can see is revenge, and revenge at all costs.  She is determined to make sure that everyone who was involved in her husband’s deception pays for what they put her through.  She sees nothing but her darkest desires to make her husband feel the agony that he has made her feel.

The Medea Necklace was made for an onstage performance of the story of Medea, by the Yayoi Theatre Movement Society.  The necklace is inspired by Medea's bold fighting spirit and the bold intricate patterns on the Japanese kimono fabrics worn in the performance. 

The Yayoi Theatre Movement Society, photo by Yukiko Onley

The Medea Necklace, photo by Tanya King

© Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration

The back of The Medea Necklace, photo by Tanya King

© Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration

We Are Linked by Patsy Kolesar

In January our Jewellery Artists Collaboration group met to brainstorm and plan for the year. Last year all of our projects came to us very organically, which was a perfect way to work together in our first year as an artists group.  The three of us all agreed that we loved the creative push that collaborating gave us and we wanted to continue this artistic communion in 2014.  

We also all agreed that we fell in love with this necklace, which we lovingly refer to as "The Linky Necklace":


The Linky Necklace was part of our limited edition series that we created after we created The Medea Necklaces.  Like our projects last year, this necklace just came together organically.  We each had these pieces left over and thought they could look nice all together in one linked necklace.  This one of a kind necklace is for sale right now in Garnish Jewellery Gallery in Revelstoke.  The three of us loved how it turned out so much that our project for 2014 is inspired by it.  

Our project is called "We Are Linked"  each month we are picking a theme and are individually creating 3-5 pieces that can be linked.  At the end of the year we will be having an exhibition of the resulting Linked Necklaces.  We will be sharing the pictures throughout the year of our links via instagram, facebook and here on my blog using #wearelinked and #jewelleryartcolab  

For the month of February our theme is Love & The Unexpected.  I'm excited to get into my studio this week and see where this theme takes me! 

After The East Side Culture Crawl by Patsy Kolesar

I'm not sure you can fully explain to anyone what it's like to be one of the artists on the Eastside Culture Crawl.  I have people ask me how it went and I try to explain how I feel afterwards, but I'm not sure I can convey the feelings.  Exhausted - yes.  Tired of hearing my own voice - for sure.....but I also feel so grateful and so filled up.  

We get thousands of people through our studio in 3 short days and get the opportunity to chat with many of them.  I get to have conversations about art, life, and love and how these things connect for me and shape my work.  I get to hear people's stories, and find out about what they do.  I get fully inspired by the creative projects that other people share with me.  I get completely moved by being told that what I do inspires them.  

I have people who come back to see me each year to see what is new.  We have families that come back each year and I get to see how the little girls have grown up.   I have sweet friends come by with hugs to share with me, even though i've had my head burried in my studio for months and haven't been able to see them.  

Some of my favourite moments of this years culture crawl:

I told a man the name of one of my pieces "My Scratched Up Heart Necklace"  He asked why no one's ever polished it for me?  He bought one and said he was going to take it home and polish it. 

Showing off our Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration pieces to people and telling them the story of how the 3 of us work together.  One of my favourite customers told me that we were on the right track and that one day these pieces would be on display in New York.  

Crouching down to be the same height as two little girls who are probably about 4 and 6 years old to have a pretty real conversation with them about art and fruit leather.  I was pretty smitten by these two so i gave them each an enamelled pin to keep. 

Adam - pictured below.  None of us knew Adam before this day but he had an incredible creative energy and the desire to be our male shirtless model for the Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration group.  How could we say no? 

A big Thank-you!  to everyone for sharing my favourite weekend of the year with me!  xo pkk

model credit: Adam Hayter 

model credit: Adam Hayter 

Eastside Culture Crawl 2013 by Patsy Kolesar

 Like the beautiful remnants of fabric that fall on the cutting room floor, these pieces were left behind from our Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration group’s Medea project.  We couldn’t leave them on the floor. So we’ve made them into a very small line of limited edition ready to wear jewellery available only at our studios during the Eastside Culture Crawl.  The Onion Studio 1103 Union Street and The Mergatroid Studio at 975 Vernon.  


 © Patsy Kay Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

 © Patsy Kay Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

 © Patsy Kay Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

 © Patsy Kay Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

 © Patsy Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

 © Patsy Kolesar, Simone Richmond, Su Foster

Medea Necklaces by Patsy Kolesar

The finished Medea Necklaces made by the now official Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration members Su Foster, Simone Richmond and Patsy Kay Kolesar.  These pieces were made in collaboration with Yayoi Hirano of the Yayoi Theatre Movement Society for their performance of Medea at the Orpheum Theatre Annex November 7-9. To read more about our process of making these pieces please have a look here.


© Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

© Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit Tanya King

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration (back of 3rd necklace) photo credit Tanya King    

 © Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration (back of 3rd necklace) photo credit Tanya King