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New websites have soft launched by Patsy Kolesar

Welcome to the refreshed website! After a week of very annoying technical things, like transferring domains, EPP codes, cpanels and pointing things places, we have two live websites that have softly launched into the world. Please read my previous posts if you are interested in the rebranding process. 

Patsy Kolesar Art Jewelry is here, and Patsy Kay Jewelry is here, 

I will spend the next week or so having a handful of people test everything out, giving me feedback and making final adjustments and then I will hard launch them. However, I know that a website is never actually finished and that I will be tweaking them for a while.  

If you have thoughts you'd like to share with me, they are most welcome! email me with your tips and suggestions. 

Culture Crawl 2014 by Patsy Kolesar

My Studio building will be open this weekend for the East Side Culture Crawl.  

The Onion Studios 1103 Union Street

November 20th - 23rd. 

 Thursday  5-10

Friday  5-10 

Saturday and Sunday 10-5 

Cherry Blossom Necklace. Sterling silver, pink freshwater pearls, copper, enamels.  

Cherry Blossom Necklace. Sterling silver, pink freshwater pearls, copper, enamels.  

Beyond the Precious Exhibition by Patsy Kolesar

Our three one of a kind Medea Necklaces will be a part of this exciting exhibition happening in Port Moody, BC this month.  

Rule The World Exhibition Opening Photos by Patsy Kolesar

The Rule The World exhibition opened at Friends of Carlotta Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland on June 19th.  It looks like it was a pretty fun party and our Medea Necklace appears to be enjoying herself. :) 

art jewellery necklace
friends of carlotta exhibition
rule the world necklace
medea necklace
rule the world necklace
friends of carlotta gallery

All images from Friends of Carlotta Gallery.  

New Headshots by Patsy Kolesar

I have the honour of being good friends and business allies with Suzanne Rushton of Feeling Photography and Vancouver Photo Walks.  Last week Suzanne came to my studio and took some fun new headshots for me.  

Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar

Custom Made Wedding Bands With Ethically Sourced Materials by Patsy Kolesar

In the fall Simone and I started working with Sarah and Alex to design and make their custom wedding bands.  

Sarah and Alex wanted something one of a kind that matched who they were.  They were invested in having their rings made by local artists and having the materials for their rings as ethically sourced as possible.   They are a very active, adventurous, and unique couple and wanted rings that really fit with them.  

Simone and I came up with a few different design ideas for them and the concept they liked the best was "meandering rivers".  Alex and Sarah had told us they had spent some time traveling in Africa and also loved being out doors on our west coast.  We started looking at the landscape both in BC and in Africa and were drawn to these great meandering rivers.  

For their rings we used 100% recycled white gold alloyed with palladium.  We also used 3 natural ethically sourced blue sapphires mined in Australia for Sarah's ring.  

Both Simone and I are very invested in our personal lives and in our businesses in making ethical choices, buying local as much as we can, and supporting other small independent businesses.  Sarah and Alex really held us to this standard when we were making their rings. They asked lots of questions about where exactly materials were coming from and how they were mined.  

Mining industries are historically pretty dirty.  They have caused lots of damage to our environment and to people.  In the past number of years some organizations have formed who are invested in changing this industry and making it more transparent.  Simone and I were so inspired by how invested Sarah and Alex were keeping their wedding bands as ethically made as possible that we decided to donate $100 from our project with them to one of these great organizations.   We chose to donate to Ethical Metalsmiths, who are doing great work.  Here are a few other organizations who are also doing great work:

Alliance for Responsible Mining

Initiative For Responsible Minding Assurance 

Earthworks - No Dirty Gold Campaign 

Here are the end results of Sarah and Alex's custom made wedding bands. 

© Simone Richmond Jewellery & Patsy Kay Kolesar Design 2013

© Simone Richmond Jewellery & Patsy Kay Kolesar Design 2013