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Creative Chinatown Craft Market by Patsy Kolesar

photo from  Chinatown House

photo from Chinatown House

I’ll be at the Creative Chinatown Craft Market on Saturday December 15th from 11am - 4pm. Located at Chinatown House 188 East Pender Street.

I’ll have great company there! Here is the list of other artists involved:

Come visit our pop-up market in the heart of Vancouver Chinatown showcasing independent design and craft  by local artists and artisans.

Featured vendors:

WALK Chinatown

Photographer and Cantonese teacher, Dr. Christine Wong, has created photo prints and postcard collections of Vancouver Chinatown and other Chinatowns around the world.

Journeys of Hope

A newly launched book by UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Stories and the City of Vancouver that captures the story of how early Chinese migrants helped transform societies around the world, and how Vancouver’s Chinatown and other Chinatowns throughout Canada and the Pacific region are the living legacies of that transformation.

All Our Father’s Relations

This award-winning documentary tells the story of the Grant siblings who journey from Vancouver to China in an attempt to rediscover their father’s roots and better understand his fractured relationship with their Musqueam mother. Raised primarily in the traditions of the Musqueam people, the Grant family and their story reveal the shared struggles of migrants and Aboriginal peoples today and in the past.

Chinatown Today

Team from this local blog will have Chinatown souvenirs and the popular #teamkoi vs #teamotter pins drawn by local artist Pearl Low.

Hua Foundation

A youth-driven local non-profit will have a fun stationary mix with their Chinatown-themed reusable cloth bags, 100% recyclable and reusable red pockets, Natalie Tan’s classic Baked Pork Chop with Rice and Yuen Yeung branded pencils, and more!

Pearl Low

Pearl Low is an African-Asian storyboard artist working in animation in Vancouver. Her works are rooted in Chinese-Canadian and Caribbean-Canadian experience. Come meet her and browse her comics/illustrative works, as well as the cute #teamkoi vs #teamotter pins!

Patsy Kay Jewelry

All pieces from Patsy Kay Jewelry are made from pure materials; copper, recycled sterling silver, and natural gemstones and handcrafted by local artist Patsy Kolesar in her studio at Vancouver Chinatown.

Studio Coup

Asian-Canadian designer and illustrator, Jane Koo, will be onsite with her enamel pins that are perfect for your tote, shirt, backpack!

Earthy Eco Style

Designed by Marsie Alvarado, the clothes, bags, and accessories are created for the everyday woman, made from organic and/or recycled fabrics.


Fancypop jewelry is a line of handmade jewelry locally made with clay, resin, beads and charms by Emily. Come choose a piece that can fit your mood and style!

Bitter Melon Bindery

Created by Chanel Ly, Bitter Melon Bindery offers hand bound notebooks, journals and Instax albums that inspire creative habits.

Monkey 100

Local artist Shannon Harvey will be here with her “China People Street” series of paintings, cards and T-shirts.

Sara Felts

Vinitha will showcase her sculptural bowls felted with wool and silk fibres, as well as clothing felted with superfine merino and hand dyed silk fabrics. is a Vancouver based business looking to reduce single use plastic consumption by offering a stylish alternative Market bag.

For more information please visit,

Culture Crawl 2014 by Patsy Kolesar

My Studio building will be open this weekend for the East Side Culture Crawl.  

The Onion Studios 1103 Union Street

November 20th - 23rd. 

 Thursday  5-10

Friday  5-10 

Saturday and Sunday 10-5 

Cherry Blossom Necklace. Sterling silver, pink freshwater pearls, copper, enamels.  

Cherry Blossom Necklace. Sterling silver, pink freshwater pearls, copper, enamels.  

Great Stuff, East Side Culture Crawl, and a Private Home Show! by Patsy Kolesar

I would love to see you at one of these amazing events that I am part of!  The Eastside Culture Crawl is my favourite weekend of the year.  I get to open my studio up and share my creative space with you!  I'm in The Onion Studio building at 1103 Union Street.  

Eastside Culture Crawl


This year I am excited to be one of 37 artists showing and selling their work at the Great Stuff show held in West Vancouver in the Ferry Building Gallery at 1414 Argyle Avenue.  Hours are Tuesday - Sunday 10-6 and Fridays 10-8

Great Stuff West Vancouver


Last but not least I am honoured to have been invited to participate in a private home show this year.  If you don't want to deal with masses of people at the regular shows then this is the perfect weekend for you.  The address for this home show is in North Vancouver, but we are not posting it online.  If you would like to know the address please email me info @ pkkdesign dot com or email Nell, who's email is below and we would be delighted to send you the address!  

Vancouver Jewellery Christmas Shows

In advance I thank-you so much for supporting small independent art businesses this holiday season!  

Medea Collection at Urbanity by Patsy Kolesar

medea necklace jewellery

To read more about the Medea Necklace please visit this page

Urbanity is located at 2412 Granville Street, Vancouver BC.  

New Headshots by Patsy Kolesar

I have the honour of being good friends and business allies with Suzanne Rushton of Feeling Photography and Vancouver Photo Walks.  Last week Suzanne came to my studio and took some fun new headshots for me.  

Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar
Patsy Kolesar

We Are Linked by Patsy Kolesar

In January our Jewellery Artists Collaboration group met to brainstorm and plan for the year. Last year all of our projects came to us very organically, which was a perfect way to work together in our first year as an artists group.  The three of us all agreed that we loved the creative push that collaborating gave us and we wanted to continue this artistic communion in 2014.  

We also all agreed that we fell in love with this necklace, which we lovingly refer to as "The Linky Necklace":


The Linky Necklace was part of our limited edition series that we created after we created The Medea Necklaces.  Like our projects last year, this necklace just came together organically.  We each had these pieces left over and thought they could look nice all together in one linked necklace.  This one of a kind necklace is for sale right now in Garnish Jewellery Gallery in Revelstoke.  The three of us loved how it turned out so much that our project for 2014 is inspired by it.  

Our project is called "We Are Linked"  each month we are picking a theme and are individually creating 3-5 pieces that can be linked.  At the end of the year we will be having an exhibition of the resulting Linked Necklaces.  We will be sharing the pictures throughout the year of our links via instagram, facebook and here on my blog using #wearelinked and #jewelleryartcolab  

For the month of February our theme is Love & The Unexpected.  I'm excited to get into my studio this week and see where this theme takes me! 

Supporting Small Independent Shops by Patsy Kolesar

We get to make choices this time of year about where to spend our money.  As a small independent business these choices are very important to me. Here are some of my favourite small independent shops in Vancouver where I will be spending my money this year:

Production Road:

This is brand spanking new.  They have only been open for a few months and lucky for me they are right around the corner from my home.  They carry a line called Darling Clementine from Norway who makes pretty patterned household items and stationary. They also make their own in house line of  products under the name Lemonni - patterned cards, calendars, and bags.  Hubert and Annie who own the shop are pretty delightful!  If you make it down here drop me a line first and I can meet you for a tea. 

Dilly Dally:

I will be shopping for my 3 & 5 year-old nephews here.  I used to work in the Qualicum Toy Shop when I was a teen, so I know a lot about toys.  I know enough to know that Dilly Dally has some good ones.  My nephews live in an ocean front mansion ( very similar to my life style ;) tehehe, not at all! )  So needless to say they have plenty. I like to find things for them that are not made from plastic and that they will play with for more than a second. Dilly Dally carries the most fantastic book called Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.  I recently bought Ish for my best friends little girl's birthday.  I fell in love with this story - the last page says "And he lived happily-ish ever after"  I LOVE it.  


Quite possibly the prettiest shop in Vancouver.  I know that's a bold statement and maybe I'm a little biased since they carry my jewelry line, but every time I go into Urbanity the pretty colours, patterns, and textures completely uplift me.  They carry beautiful clothes and accessories that are made in or very close to the country of source, by people who are paid fairly and enjoy what they do.  Some of my most worn and most favourite pieces of clothing have come from Urbanity.  My Pernilla Svenre grey merino wool cardigan lives on my body from October until about May.  My Maria Byman jacket and hat make me look forward to winter each year, they are warm, cosy and cool.  I recently got stopped walking on Robson street by a street style blogger and I'm pretty sure it was because I was wearing my Maria Byman jacket.  

I want to live in a city where small independent businesses thrive! 

I would love for you to support small businesses too!  Here are the amazing little shops that carry my jewelry line:

British Columbia

2412 Granville Street

Edgemont Village Jewellers
3102 Edgemont Blvd
North Vancouver

Salon D
166 Selby Street

120 Mackenzie Ave


Influx Jewellery Art Gallery
201-100 7th Avenue S.W


Mysteria Gallery
2706 13th Avenue


Distill Gallery
55 Mill Street #47
The Distillery District